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28. Heizhausfest

23. August 2019 10:00 28. August 2019 18:00

Das Chemnitzer Heizhausfest geht in die 28. Runde! Eines der bekanntesten Eisenbahnfeste in Deutschland zieht regelmäßig viele Besucher an. Auch dieses Jahr möchten wir unseren Gästen eine interessante Veranstaltung bieten. Dabei erwarten Sie zahlreiche Programmpunkte:

• Austellung von Dampf-, Diesel- und Elektrolokomotiven
• Fahrzeugparaden (Samstag und Sonntag)
• Sonderzüge
Parallellfahrten nach Freiberg (Samstag und Sonntag)
Pendelfahrten nach Hainichen (Samstag und Sonntag)
• Führerstandsmitfahrten
• Feldbahnfahrten
• Modellbahnanlagen
• Eisenbahnbörse
• Technikmuseum Seilablaufanlage

Weitere Informationen zum Ablauf und geplanten Gastloks folgen.


Für 2019 kann über AugustusTours ein Reisepaket zum Heizhausfest Chemnitz gebucht werden. Ein besonderes Erlebnis: Reisen Sie mit AugustusTours bequem mit dem Dampfzug von Berlin nach Chemnitz zum 28. Heizhausfest 2019 und wieder zurück.

Reisetermin: 23.08.2019 – 25.08.2019, bereits ab 1 Person buchbar

Bei Fragen und Buchungswunsch wenden Sie sich bitte an:

AugustusTours e.K., Turnerweg 6, 01097 Dresden

About us:

The industrial revolution formed an important part of Saxony’s history. Chemnitz was known for textile products and industrial machines, which gave birth to a large network of railway lines. To keep the legacy of the railways in Saxony, the “Saxon Railway Museum” (Sächsisches Eisenbahnmuseum) was founded in 1991. By now, more than 40 locomotives for the standard gauge of 1435 mm and many small exhibitions are shown. Two roundhouses and a wide outdoor area give profound insight into the history of our country.

The 28th Heizhausfest

The “Heizhausfest” has a long tradition. Since 1991, it has been organized every year by our museum. Today it is one of the most famous railway festivals in eastern Germany and takes place every August. The name “Heizhausfest” refers to the two roundhouses that contain a great part of our museum exhibits. In Germany, these buildings are called “Heizhaus” and “Fest” is the German word for “event”.
Every year, we organize an extensive supporting programme. Besides our locomotive exhibition, you can watch a large parade (Saturday and Sunday) of all operational locomotives. Visitors who are more interested in technology, can enter a driver’s cab for a little trip. Each year, we present many operational steam locomotives, which come from various parts of Germany. With our historic museum train, composed of coaches built between 1960 and 1980 and a steam locomotive, we arrange for special tours to towns near Chemnitz (Saturday and Sunday) as well as roundtrips in Saxony (“Heizhausexpress”) during our festival.
But back to the museum. Not far from the main area you can visit an old signal tower, which had been working at one of the biggest freight depots of the German Democratic Republic till the 1990s. Apart from the standard gauge, we exhibit narrow gauge trains called “Field Railway”. More than 30 locomotives and an adjusted sand pit show how work was done thirty years ago. Join us for a onekilometre trip on our field railway course and enjoy the old diesel locomotives.
We are looking forward to welcome you at the 28th Heizhausfest from 23 to 25 August, 2019!


23. August 2019 10:00
28. August 2019 18:00
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